Citing and referencing: Conference papers, theses and university material

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Conference papers, theses and university material

General author rules

The rules for books with one author, two or more authors, an organisation as author, or no author are the same as the general rules for presenting authors in reference list entries described on the Reference list page of this guide

Conference papers

Reference papers or abstracts published in conference proceedings in a similar way to journal articles. List the titles of papers in single quotation marks and sentence case, followed by the name of the conference proceedings in italics and title case. For proceedings accessed online, include the doi or accessed date Day Month Year and URL, or the database.

Rule: Author A (Day Month Year) ‘Title of paper: subtitle of paper’ [conference presentation], Name of Conference, Place of Conference, accessed Day Month Year, doi:number

Example: Mareková H (21-23 March 2018) 'Violence as social pathology through the optics of social work', [conference presentation], CBU International Conference Proceedings, Prague, accessed 3 May 2019, doi:10.12955/cbup.v6.1228


University theses can be sourced in hardcopy or online via repositories. Present the title of the thesis (also called a dissertation in some countries) in italics and sentence case. Describe the type of thesis, i.e. PhD or masters, and the university that awarded the degree (including its location) following the title. Reference the accessed date and URL or database or publisher.

Rule: Author A (Year) Title of thesis: subtitle of thesis [type of thesis], Name of University, accessed date Day Month Year, URL or database.

Example: Diemer MJ (2020) Placemaking and Streetscape Design: Exploring the Impacts of Tram Network Modernisation on Subjective Perception of Place Quality [PhD thesis], Monash University, accessed 1 February 2021, Bridges.

Example: Halloran JT (2018) Population dynamics in the child welfare system [PhD thesis], University of Chicago, accessed 1 February 2021, Proquest Dissertations Publishing.


University course materials

Not all unit coordinators allow for the use of unit materials, such as lecture slides, in assignments. Check first to see if these resources are acceptable. The unit coordinator is usually the author unless otherwise noted. Include the type of course material in square brackets after the title (e.g. [lecture], [handout], etc). Include an accessed date Day Month Year and URL.

Rule: Author A (Year) Title of material [lecture], accessed Day Month Year. URL

Example: Allen K (2019) Week 4 Quantitative study design: Experimental studies and randomised controlled trials (RCTs) [lecture], accessed 20 April 2019.