Citing and referencing: Conferences, theses & university materials

A guide to the styles recommended by Monash schools and departments for students and researchers

Conferences, theses & university materials

For more details about referencing conference proceedings see 3.13.8 of the Style Manual. How you reference conference papers, abstracts, posters or recordings will depend on whether the items are published or unpublished. Section 3.13.9 of the Style Manual details how to refer to meeting presentations and other unpublished material.

Conference papers are more often than not, no longer published in a conference proceeding (official record of the conference). Sometimes, only the abstracts can be located in published formats. If you do find the entire published proceedings with the full text of the papers presented follow the example below.

Example: 38.     MacIntyre S. Participation in the classroom, productivity in the workforce: unfulfilled expectations. Paper presented at: Australian Council for Educational Research Conference; August 10-12, 2008; Brisbane, Australia. Accessed August 12, 2022.

Otherwise, published conference papers are sometimes referenced as part of a book, a journal, or another medium.

Example: 39.     Krylatov A, Raevskaya A. Travel times equilibration procedure for route-flow traffic assignment problem. In: Kotsireas I, Pardalos P, (eds). Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 12096: Learning and Intelligent Optimization Conference Proceedings. Springer; 2020:225–240. Accessed August 12, 2022. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-53552-0_9


University theses can be sourced in hardcopy in some libraries or online via repositories. Present the title of the thesis in italics and title case. Format: Following the title, describe the type of thesis, i.e. Dissertation (PhD), Masters, Honours, etc., the university that awarded the degree, and the year of completion. If the thesis is available online, reference the accessed date and URL or doi.

Example (online): 40.     Diemer MJ. Placemaking and Streetscape Design: Exploring the Impacts of Tram Network Modernisation on Subjective Perception of Place Quality. Dissertation. Monash University; 2020. Accessed February 12, 2022. doi:10.26180/13211444.

41.     Khumra S. Empowering hospital pharmacists to integrate antimicrobial stewardship into their daily practice. Master's thesis. Monash University; 2022. doi:10.26180/20724190.v1 

Example (print): 42.     Saunders BJ. "Because There's A Better Way Than Hurting Someone" An Exploratory Study of the Nature, Effect and Persistence of "Physical Punishment" in Childhood. Dissertation. Monash University; 2005.

University Course Materials

Not all unit coordinators allow for the use of unit materials, such as lecture slides, in assignments. Check first to see if these resources are acceptable. The unit coordinator is usually the author unless otherwise noted. Include the type of course material after the title (e.g. Lecture, Moodle book, etc.), the publication or teaching year, an accessed date, and the URL.

Example: 43.     Allen K. Week 4 Quantitative Study Design: Experimental Studies and Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs). Lecture; 2019. Accessed April 20, 2019.