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Commercial law: Home

Resources for Commercial law, including Competition and consumer law, Corporations and business law, Contract law, Industrial law, Intellectual property law, and Taxation law.

Commercial law globally

Take a look at Getting the Deal Through - a database that provides comprehensive overviews of legal information (in such areas as corporate, financial, competition & regulatory, IP, energy, dispute resolution & arbitration law) in 70 practice areas in over 150 jurisdictions, written by local experts. Allows easy jurisdiction comparison.

What is commercial law?

Commercial law is defined in the Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary as:

Areas of law having particular relevance to commerce and commercial transactions, such as contract, agency, banking, insurance, finance, export and import of merchandise, carriage of goods, mercantile agency and usages, company, and partnership law.
The Law Faculty''s Commercial Law Group covers the following programs:
  • Corporate Governance, Responsibility, and Sustainability 
  • Corporate Workplace and Employment Law and Policy 
  • Competition, Consumer, and Trade Law and Policy 
  • Intellectual Property and Innovation Law and Policy 
  • Taxation, Superannuation, and Venture Capital Law


See also the Library Guide - Private International Law for resources on international economic investment, arbitration, and trade and development.

Read about commercial law

Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies

The Faculty of Law's Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies concentrates upon a broad range of commercial research and teaching areas of relevance to state, national, and international audiences.

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