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Criminology: Multimedia, Documentaries, & Streaming Video

A subject guide to Monash University Library's resources for students and researchers of Criminology.


Multimedia, Documentaries & Streaming Video

Monash University Library has online and physical collections of films, documentaries, TV shows, music, and more for you to use in your study and research.


DVDs and music items are located on Level 1 of the Matheson Library, and can be most easily found by using Monash Library Search to find a Call Number:


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Streaming Documentaries and Film Collections

Thousands of major motion pictures, genre films, documentaries and recorded interviews are available in our streaming collections below.


      Make sure to check out our tips for creating clips from streaming video. 

For more streaming video, head to the Multimedia Resources Guide.

For streaming news, head to the News & Newspapers tab.

Photo & Image Resources

Monash University Library has photo and image resources free for use to staff and students.



Other places to find video content

NOTE: While there is lots of streaming content freely available on the web, not all of it will be of appropriate academic quality to use in an assessment. Evaluate your resources carefully!