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Document Delivery: FAQ

What can I request?


Loans* or copies from items not held by Monash University Library - copies subject to copyright


Loans of items held by Monash even if all copies are on loan

Tip: Place a hold on the item or consider borrowing from other academic libraries. If urgent, discuss with your contact librarian or Document Delivery team

Tick Loans* items listed in Search with a 'missing' or ‘at bindery’ status Cross Articles or other documents already available online from Search
Tick Copies from items held only in print at Monash (includes overseas campuses) - subject to copyright Cross Standards (discuss options with your contact librarian)
Tick Requests related to Monash work or study purposes    

Copies of Monash theses

Tip: See Monash theses for specific information.

Note*: Graduate Online and Monash Indonesia staff and students aren't eligible for loans of physical materials.


Do I need to register?

There is no need to register, if you are eligible you will automatically be added to our document delivery system. If you believe you are eligible but can’t access the form, contact Document Delivery or your contact librarian.

Do I need to pay anything?

No, the Library covers the cost of document delivery requests.
Sometimes the cost to source a request is significantly higher than usual, in these cases we may ask for supervisor or contact librarian approval if you are a student.

Loans and renewals

Once we receive your interlibrary loans (ILLs) they will be managed in a very similar way to your other Monash loans. You will receive a hold notification email, and the ILL will be available for you to collect from the hold shelf. The bookstrap on the ILL contains important information and needs to stay with the item for the loan to be removed from your library record.

What is the loan period for document delivery items?

Your initial loan period depends on the due date set by the lending library. Make sure you pick up your items as soon as you can, as they will need to be returned to the lending library at the end of this loan period.
Check your loan receipt notice email or My Loans in Search for your due date.

Can I renew my document delivery loans?

Yes, and no - renewals are dependent on the policies of the lending library, so you can’t renew items yourself through Search as with Monash loans. You can request a renewal through My requests or contact Document Delivery before the item is due to allow enough time to do this.

Can I have my document delivery loan item posted to my home address?

If you are a registered offcampus students or staff member you can select ‘personal delivery’ for ILLs to be sent to your home address. Otherwise, nominate your most convenient branch library for pick up.

How do I tell the difference between document delivery loans and Monash items?

As well as the bookstrap, you can identify your ILLs in My Loans as they will have a location of ‘Resource Sharing Library Monash’. You can also find the ILLs you have on loan listed through My requests.

My Loans


I’m having problems accessing the request form

Access to the document delivery request form requires logging in with your Monash computer account username and password.

You may not be able to access document delivery if you:

  • do not have an active Monash account
  • are blocked from borrowing due to fines or expired library account
  • are ineligible for the service (check here for more information)

If you are unable to access electronic resources, contact the eSolutions Service Desk.

If you are able to access electronic resources, contact Document Delivery for further assistance.

Why haven't I received any emails from document delivery?

Start by checking your spam folder for emails from If you still can’t find any emails, contact Document Delivery for further investigation.


Can my research assistant complete a request and pass it on to me?

The person who logs in, using their Monash computer account, is the person who should be using the document under the relevant Copyright Act provision.

Can I request more than one chapter from a book, even if I place separate requests?

Document delivery can only supply one chapter or 10% of the book whatever is greater, if the book is available to buy.
Tip: Request a loan if you require more than 10% or discuss with your contact librarian or Document Delivery team.

Can I request a copy of an entire book, if it is out of print?

This may be possible depending on confirmation of commercial unavailability. Contact Document Delivery for further information.

Can I request more than one article from the same journal issue?

Yes, if it is related to the same research or course of study. However, you will need to submit one request for each article.

Find out more at Copyright at Monash University.