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EndNote: Creating a reference list from EndNote Online

This software package for managing references (citations) is available free to Monash University students and staff. This guide has information about working with EndNote in the Monash University environment.

Creating a list of references

If you choose to create your own in-text citations within your essay you are able to create a list of the references used from your EndNote Online library without having to create the list yourself.

From your EndNote Online library select the references you have cited and add them either to the 'Quick list' or a group created specifically for that assignment (for example). 

creating bibliography



Under the Format tab select 'Bibliography', select the group of references, the style, and the output format. Save the file. Choosing the 'rtf' format allows you to edit the created list within Word if needed.


bibiliography options


Note: If you notice errors in the accuracy of the reference list you can either, edit the reference list that has been created in Word manually, or make the necessary corrections in your library record and then recreate a new list.