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EndNote: Working between computers

This software package for managing references (citations) is available free to Monash University students and staff. This guide has information about working with EndNote in the Monash University environment.

Working on a document between computers

Suppose you have Endnote desktop version on your office computer, which contains a library, e.g. Office.enl, that you have synchronised with EndNote Online. You want to be able to work at home, using the full functionality of EndNote desktop, on a document that you created using Office library. 

To do this it is first necessary to create a duplicate of the Office library on your home computer.

  1. First ensure that Office library and the document are saved as backups.
  2. On your home computer (loaded with Endnote desktop), create an empty library, e.g. Home.enl .
  3. Syncronize Home library with Endnote Online so that it is populated with records from Office library. Note that although the two libraries contain identical content, the unique number (#) for each record can differ between libraries.
  4. Open the document created on your office computer.
  5. Before working on the document, its citation record numbers must be aligned with the record numbers in Home library. To do this, in Word's Endnote toolbar, click Update citations and bibliography.
  6. When you return to your office computer to again work on your document, after opening it click Update citations and bibliography to ensure the citation numbers now correspond with the records in Office library.
  7. The next time you work on your home computer make sure you have synced Office library with Endnote Online and then sync again with Home library. Ensure that you Update citations and bibliography after opening the document. If you use a further computer you will need to create another new empty library and follow the above process.