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EndNote: The traveling library

This software package for managing references (citations) is available free to Monash University students and staff. This guide has information about working with EndNote in the Monash University environment.

Collaborating using EndNote

For further information on collaboration using EndNote, and a comparison of the various options, consult the Little EndNote How-To Book, Chapter 7. 

The traveling library

Working on a document using the Traveling Library

Formatted citations in a document include invisible field codes needed to form the in-text citation and corresponding reference entry. In the document these codes collectively form the document’s “Traveling Library”. The Travelling Library is a tool for author collaboration.

An author can send a collaborator a copy of a document which contains formatted citations from their library. The collaborating author can work on the document and add citations from their own library, and the reference list will update accordingly. Neither author requires access to each other’s library, as the document’s Traveling Library contains all the necessary information.

The document citations must remain formatted, as unformatting them will delete the field codes.

It is highly recommended that you should only collaborate on a document if you are familiar with EndNote and how it works with Word.

One collaborator should be responsible for creating the final document and reference list. They should add the traveling library to their existing library, as explained below. The document can then be safely unformatted if necessary.


  • Each time a document is to be shared make sure that a back up copy is created prior to sharing.
  • Before cutting and pasting text within a document that contains formatted citations, click Convert to Unformatted Citations (in the Convert Citations and Bibliography menu). This will help avoid corruption of the document. To reformat the document, click Update Citations and Bibliography.


Adding a Traveling Library to your own library

Sometimes you may want to add traveling library references from a collaborator’s document to your own EndNote library. For example, you may want to use these references in another document.

In the Word EndNote toolbar, click Export to EndNote > Export to Traveling Library, and choose a new or existing target library. Each record will be assigned a new record number- In the document click Update Citations and Bibliography to incorporate these changes.