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Engineering: ENG1002

Resources to Search for High-Quality Materials

Library Search 

The Library's resource discovery tool, Search contains high-quality materials across all disciplines, and includes peer-reviewed journals, books, and more! You can easily limit/narrow down your search results. 


This is a specialised engineering database, which contains high-quality materials across a range of engineering disciplines. Materials include peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, and more! You can easily narrow down your search results.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar will retrieve a lot of results, but many may not be relevant, and it can be hard to narrow down your search results to those that are meaningful.

Remember: Results in Library Search, Compendex, and Google Scholar are not guaranteed to be of high quality! Use the 5 Ws to help you determine whether a source is of appropriate quality to use in your assignment.

Resources to Find Required Properties

Note: Access to Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook is restricted to 5 users at one time. If you cannot access the eBook, please wait and try again later.

Other Resources

Citing & Referencing - IEEE Style

View the IEEE Citing & Referencing Library Guide for guidelines to cite and reference journals, books, and more!

Your Feedback

Please fill out a short feedback form following your completion of the Wk. 1 Library Moodle Book.

Form for Clayton Students