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Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Comittee reports

Parliamentary papers 

ParlInfo Search

Use ParlInfo  to search and obtain Australian Parliamentary information including hansards, bills, senate journals, votes and proceedings, notice papers, committee reports, the Parliamentary Papers and Handbook, newspaper clippings, media, publications and much more.

Tips: It's a very powerful database but can be difficult to navigate. Advanced search allows you to limit the type of publications,e.g. hansard, parliamentary papers, and others. 


A bill is a proposal for a law or a change to an existing law. A bill becomes law (an Act) when it is passed by both houses of Parliament and assented to by the Governor-General.

Use the Bills and Legislation page from the Parliament of Australia website to search and browse for bills, also includes links to bills being considered by Parliament and awaiting Royal Assent and previous bills that have received Royal Assent and bills otherwise disposed of. 


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Parliamentary Debates (Hansard)

These are the official records of the debates of the Australian parliament. Daily Hansard is available on the internet the day after sitting. Hansard is available online from  the First Federal Parliament in 1901 .

Senate and House of Representatives Hansard 

Library Holdings: House of Representatives 

Library Holdings: Senate

•    Parliamentary debates, Senate, official Hansard. Australia. Parliament. Senate. 1996-
•    Parliamentary debates (Hansard) : Senate / Commonwealth of Australia. Australia. Parliament. Senate. 1953-
•    Parliamentary debates (Hansard) / Senate and House of Representatives Australia. Parliament.1946-1953
•    Parliamentary debates / Senate and House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Australia. Australia. Parliament. 1902-1945
Indexes: weekly issues have a contents list at front; bound sessional volumes, indexed by speaker / title /subject, in last volume.

Committee reports

Much of the work of Parliament is carried out by Parliamentary Committees. These may be Joint Committees, Standing Committees, or Special Purpose Committees.

Please go to Parliamentary Committees website to find more about what they do and different types of committees. 

Parliamentary committees conduct inquiries into specified matters which includes taking submissions, hearing witnesses, sifting evidence, discussing matters in detail and formulating reasoned conclusions.



Parliamentary papers

Significant Government reports tabled in Parliament including annual reports, budget papers, reports of committees, royal commissions, committees of inquiry, Ombudsman's reports, Ministerial policy statements, Green and White papers etc. Papers are given a parliamentary paper number when tabled in parliament. Note that only a small number of government reports are actually tabled.

Parliamentary papers are not available online as a series, but many have been made available online by Government Agencies/Departments. Use the Online Indexes listed on the right to  find relevant titles then try a google search to see if the item is available online.  

The Library has a complete collection of  Parliamentary Papers in print.

Library Holdings 


Australia. Parliament. (1967- ), Parliamentary papers / The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Commonwealth Govt. Printer, Canberra.
Indexes: 1977 - to the latest bound issue. The index is in the last volume of each year.

Indexes-Paper and Online( Online  from 1996/7/8-searchable PDF files for each Parliamentary session) )

Parliamentary papers, indexes [various titles]
Includes three cumulated indexes covering 1901-72