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Graduate Research: Communicating research

What does a thesis in my area look like?

Reading other theses in your discipline can provide ideas about structure, style and formatting. The Theses Library Guide tells you how to find theses from Monash, other Australian and international universities.

Useful links

Here are some good blogs on thesis writing and other aspects of research, maintained by academics with a strong interest in research education.

Research communication skills

While your main focus as a research student might be writing a thesis, you need to be able to communicate effectively in writing and orally for a range of audiences (academic journals, media, industry and the community).

To develop these skills, attend workshops (see the Classes and consultations box on the right), and follow the links below for thesis writing and presenting at conferences.

Aspects of thesis writing


Thesis structure Review components of a thesis and some typical thesis structures here

Writing about literature This tutorial focuses on writing a chapter-length literature review. However, the five key points presented here will be useful for other forms of literature review:... more

Writing about methods Every thesis needs to answer these questions: "How did you do your research?" "Why did you do it that way?" ... more

Writing about data and discussing findings This is where you tell your readers the story that has emerged from your findings... more

Introductions and conclusions The introductory chapter, which works with the conclusion to frame the thesis, is very important. It generally includes... more

Presenting at seminars and conferences

Targeting conferences

  • Check with your supervisors, find out which conferences the key people in your field attend
  • Look for conference promotions on association websites; journal websites; university webpages
  • Google searches eg. “call for papers” and your discipline, “papers invited”, “conference alerts”

These tools can assist:


Conference alerts

COS conference papers index (via Library databases)


Presentation skills

Oral presentations

This tutorial will guide you through the process of planning, developing and delivering an oral presentation... more

Writing Groups

Writing groups provide a moderated, friendly, collegiate environment for students to share their written work with peers and become better oral and written communicators. Because writing groups involve discussion and critique, they also provide experience in giving and receiving peer feedback. Students may join a writing group to improve various aspects of their writing or to reinforce their confidence and motivation to complete a project. Learning skills advisers moderate the sessions, maintain communication and contribute relevant additional material.


Locations (in alphabetical order) with research areas and contacts



Hargrave-Andrew Library

Science. Contact

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences: Wednesdays fortnightly. Contact

Law Library

Law Graduate Research students. See Law HDR Peer Writing Group webpage

Humanities and social sciences: fortnightly on Tuesdays at 11am -1pm. Contact


Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences: fortnightly on Wednesdays, 9:30-11am. Contact






Classes and consultations

Software training

You can access a variety of training videos for word processing and presentation software via the Library's subscription to


Do you need to include material published by others (images, diagrams, recordings, etc.) in your thesis or research publication? The Monash University Copyright Adviser, located within the Library, can provide practical advice on managing copyright during the research and publication process.

Editing and Proofreading

Monash University allows Graduate Research students to use a professional editor under certain conditions. See 7.1.4 Acknowledgement of editing assistance in the Handbook for Doctoral Degrees.

There is useful advice on choosing an editor in this post on the Thesis Whisperer blog.

The Library does not provide an editing and proofreading service. The Monash Postgraduate Association maintains a list of editors and proofreaders.