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Graduate Research: Managing research data

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The links listed below provide a broad view of the issues surrounding managing research data. You can find many other links to useful resources on the Research Data Management website.

What is research data management?

Managing research data well is an important undertaking, and involves organising and describing your data, using secure storage and regular backups, ensuring the security of sensitive/confidential data, and long-term retention for sharing and reuse by yourself or others through deposit in a repository or archive.

Managing your research data is about taking due care of your data from creation through to long-term preservation or secure disposal. 

Image Effective management of research data

Responsible research

Good data management practices are fundamental to responsible research. 

The following documents outline government and institutional expectations:

Data planning - start early and review often

If you create data in your project (eg. lab measurements, audio recordings) or will be re-using data, it's important to consider the management of this data during and beyond your project. ...more


Where to start

Monash University Library research data management website

This website is the main source of information about Research Data Management at Monash

Need further advice?

In person:

Speak to your faculty contact librarian - find details at


Sharing and reusing research data

Across the many disciplines, institutional, national and international repositories or archives are available to support long-term access to research data. Some examples include:

At Monash - 


Monash Figshare: store, manage, collaborate, publish

About Figshare



Other - 

Australian Data Archive

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive




Directory - 

Open Access Directory of Data Repositories by Discipline