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History: Finding and using journals

Using journals

Journal articles provide the most up to date research as they are published frequently.

Students may need to use these in different ways:

  • Firstly your tutor/lecturer may recommend you read a specific journal article. If the article is not in Moodle you can look it up in Search. If the article is not available in fulltext, it is possible to also look for its title in Search and either find the journal contents for the issue you require online or find the volumes on the Library shelves.
  • The other use for journals is when you need a few additional articles for your essay topics. it is possible to find articles in Search and also in the many History databases.
  • It is also possible to look through the table of contents of some relevant history journals that your tutor/lecturer may have recommended to find suitable articles on your topic.

Finding journal articles in Search

If you wish to find articles on a particular subject, try using Advanced Search. Once you have Search results, use the left hand facets to refine your search to Peer-reviewed Journals. You can limit further by topic or date range. 

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