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History: Tips using 'Search'

A guide to resources for the areas of history at Monash University

Search Library Guide

For more information on Search, click on the Search Library Guide link below:

Using Search

The Search database includes all of the resources purchased by Monash University Library. To find a book follow the example given. There are many books located in all the Monash University Libraries. The largest collections for history resources are at Matheson (Clayton) and the Caulfield Library.

There are also many ebooks available in Search which can be viewed online.

You can also use Search to find journals and articles, and primary source materials including newspapers.The examples for these searches are available under their Tabs.

Developing a search strategy

Developing a search strategy will help search the library databases in a more effective and efficient way. Library staff have developed an online tutorial which addresses these issues.

Searching for a topic in Search

Finding books in Search