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Finding yourself: citation tracking for Monash Law authors: eBooks

Free eBooks


  • If you are not at Advanced search, select to search Books, then click Advanced search 
  • Enter your name in Keywords and exclude name from Author, eg. John Smith (in Keywords field), -smith (in Author field) (the -  excludes the term) 

  • If you are getting too many false results, edit the search and select Law in the Subject box.
  • Results include an Excerpt with relevant page number. Click the page number to go to the full-text excerpt in the book. If the page is not included in the free excerpt, find the book via the Monash Library catalogue, Search.


Google Books - Advanced Book Search

  • In the Find results with the exact phrase (or all of the words), type the name (eg. john smith) 
  • in the field, Author - Return books written by, enter –Smith (this excludes Smith as an author, however you will still need to look closely at the results to see that they match.
  • Click the result to see the matchiing text (if the full-text book is available in Google Books. If not find the book using the Monash catalogue, Search).

Book Citation Index

Book Citation Index. Social Sciences & Humanities 

  • Tracks citations for scholarly books and book chapters from 2005 to present. Note that it only covers a small percentage of academic books that are written.
  • This database is included in the Web of Science Core Collection, ensuring that you search for your citations in journal articles, conference proceedings and books. For search instructions, see the Social Science Citation Index in the Journals tab on this Guide.


eBook subscription packages

See more eBook Collections at the eBook Library guide.

Brill Online

  • Search books and journals on International law and Human rights and humanitarian law.
  • At Advanced search, search in the Full-text field for your name.
  • At the result, click the Read button to open the PDF. Open in a new window and search for your name using CNTL F.

Cambridge Books Online

  • Search Cambridge University Press ebooks and journals.
  • At Advanced Search, search for your name as a phrase in Anything
  • At each result, click View more to see the extract of the cited reference.


  • Click Read PDF to open the publication and find the reference.


Ebooks Library (EBL)

  • Searches across over 18,000 ebooks, including over 1200 in Law. 
  • Select Full Text under the search box, and enter your name.


  • Open the resulting books (if Monash has purchased them) and clcik Search (tab on the left) to search for your name. 

EbscoHost eBook collection

  • At Advanced search, search for your name in TX All Text Fields 


  • Select the Search Option to Also search within the full-text of the articles


  • At the results click to view the eBook full-text or the Most Relevant Pages from the eBook.



  • Using Advanced Seaerch, Search Full-text for your name



  • Results show the chapter with the search terms in context.

  • Go to the full-text of the chapter for purchased books (2012 onwards). These show a green dot. 

Oxford Scholarship Online 

  • Go to Advanced Search and search for your name in the Full-text field.
  • For books that are authored by you, look in the left-side box to see any CITED BY references.  


Palgrave Connect

  • Search ebooks within Full Text


  • Click the Settings icon to open Advanced Search and search for your name within ebooks and journals.

Taylor and Francis Online

  • Select Advanced and citation search
  • Selevant subject areas, eg Law, Social Sciences, Political Sciences
  • Search within the Search Everything box
  • Click View Full-text or Download Full-text and do a CTRL F for your name.