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Finding yourself: citation tracking for Monash Law authors: Social media & more

Social Media

Find out more about Altmetrics

Altmetrics- Research Impact  (University of Sydney)

Tracking Yourself on Social Media (from University of Cape Town Library)

Altmetrics bookmarklet

  • Add the Altmetrics bookmarklet to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), find your article online, and see where it has been picked up by social media. 
  • Note that the bookmarklet only works where a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) has been assigned to the article.
  • Example result:


Read more about the effect of technologies and social media on research impact in, Gatecrashing the Research Paradigm: Effective Integration of Online Technologies in Maximising Research Impact and Engagement in Legal Education (Galloway, Greaves and Castan)

Law reform

 Australasian Law Reform Library  

  • Australian law reform publications (reports, issues papers, discussion papers) available on AustLII.

Australian parliament

Australian parliamentary documents (Parlinfo)

  • At the Parlinfo search page, search for your name. 

  • Select Advanced Search to limit by type of publication.

United Nations

United Nations Official Documents

  • Full-text documents from the United Nations.

  • Perform a Simple Search, with your name in the Full-text search box.

  • Open the result to search for your name within the document. 


  • United Nations refugee law publications.

  • Perform an Advanced Search for your name.