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Law Research & writing skills: Approaching law assignments

Research & writing skills for law

How to approach legal assignments

Legal assignments, in general, have three major types -

  1. tasks based on cases (summary, commentary or both)
  2. advice on possible solutions to a legal problem, eg legal memos
  3. research essays

These three types have distinctive legal features, so it's important to know which of them you are tackling.

Note that assignments can be called many things: for example a 'memo' could involve solving disputes between parties, or giving policy advice to the attorney-general. 

Using plain English

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Improving your English language skills

Approaching Law Assignments

Look at this infographic for tips on approaching law assignments

Learning Skills advisers

Learning skills advisers assist students to improve their academic language and approaches to learning. Come to a workshop or seminar, a drop-in session at the Research and Learning point in the Law Library, or contact an adviser.

Tips 'n' tricks for success

To do well and keep up your scores, you need to know how to study effectively.

Take a look at the Law Students Society's Law Guide, in particular the article by Patricia Hughes, Law Learning Skills Adviser, on Finding the Inside Lane: How to Get Ahead in Law Studies .

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