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Learning and teaching tools: The Apps bar

A portal to information about key learning and teaching tools used at Monash

More about the Apps bar


The Teams app is the most commonly used part of Teams. It shows all the teams/groups you have access to. Inside of each team/group, you will see its channels. You can also access Team settings in this area. 

Shows the teams section in the Apps bar

Content panel for Teams app

The content panel for a team's channel is similar to a discussion forum, in that it contains posts and replies. These can include file attachments, web links and images. It is also possible to hold video meetings in any channel and the recordings of these meetings (if enabled) then appear directly below the ended meeting in the timeline. 

What a discussion looks like

The tabs bar at the top of the content panel includes Posts and Files by default. There may also be additional tabs to make files, apps (e.g. a wiki), embedded websites and videos available. Click on these tabs to display the content.

The tabs bar at the top of the panel contains links to Posts, Files, and Meeting Notes


When using the Activity app, you can see every action that has occurred in all your teams/groups. 

You will a notification 'bubble' on the Activity icon with the number of notifications when you are referred to (or tagged) by name. 

Clicking any of the notifications opens the activity in question in the relevant channel or app in the content panel to the right of this section.

The activity feed shows all of your notifcations

It is also possible to filter your notifications by a number of activity types.

You can filter your activity feed a number of different ways


Chat has virtually the same functionality as a channel but without the ability to have threaded posts. You can chat with individuals or groups.

When using Chat, you can see a list of your recent chats as well as being able to select anyone in your contacts to chat with. The coloured 'bubble' on their icon tells you their availability status. 

Note: It is important to note that the Chat app always shows chats and contacts from all teams/groups that you belong to, not just the one you are currently using.

The chat app shows a list of chats and contacts from all your teams

Read the Communicating in Teams section for more information.


The Files app lets you access files from various file management systems, including Google Drive. It is strongly advised to only use the Google Drive option by adding this as a Cloud Storage option using the button at the bottom of this panel.

Cloud storage can be added to files to allow access to Google Drive

Google Drive can be viewed from within the Files app

Adding your Google Drive to Teams will link directly to your Google Drive folder. Any documents will open outside Teams in your web browser. 

Read the Files in Teams section for more information.

... (More added apps)

This button enables you to pin one additional app to the Apps bar.

Note: You have to repeat this action if you click on another icon on the Apps bar after you have pinned a new app.


You can connect to third-party applications through the Apps menu. It is important to be aware that many these apps require a separate paid account to use and they may not be supplied by Monash University.

A variety of different apps available from the more apps section

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