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Learning and teaching tools: Files in Teams

A portal to information about key learning and teaching tools used at Monash

Files in Teams

Microsoft Teams lets you store and quickly find files. You will be able to add these files to your chats and post them in the channels. You can also add them as tabs in the channels for students to access more easily. By default you will have Microsoft Teams, your Downloads and OneDrive integrated as quick links. We would not recommend using these tools, but instead, using your Google drive.

By selecting 'add cloud storage' you can add Google Drive

You can add Google Drive to your Microsoft Teams team by going to the Files app in the Apps bar and clicking Add cloud storage and then following the prompts to provide Teams with the authorisation to access your files. You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker first if accessing Teams in a browser.

Follow the prompts to add Google Drive

Once you’ve signed in, you will get automatic access to your files or folders located in the cloud storage. Now you can also add your files to channels: 

  • from the cloud (click on Add cloud storage in your channel)
  • do not use the Upload link as this stores your files in Teams. It is better to manage all of your files in Google Drive.

Selecting 'add cloud storage' once signed in allows you to add files into your channel

When you open a file from Google Drive in Teams, it will open it separately in your web browser. 

If you make any changes (rename, delete files, etc.) while working in Teams, it will automatically update your cloud storage files/folders and vice versa.

An image showing how you use Google Drive in Teams

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