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Learning and teaching tools: Lecture recordings

A portal to information about key learning and teaching tools used at Monash

Lecture recordings

Accessing Echo360 recordings

Access to recordings is through Moodle. If Echo360 is unavailable in your location, you will be able to access lecture recordings in Panopto. Recordings will be copied to Panopto within 24 hours of the lecture time. See the Panopto tab for more details.

Find the link to the Echo360 recordings on your unit's Moodle page and click through to it. 

If there's no link or you're unsure, check with your faculty admin or lecturer to see if they intend to give access to recorded material through Moodle.

Note: The Lecture Capture Q&A feature is primarily used during live-streaming sessions. If you are viewing a pre-recorded session, you can still use the Q&A to ask questions, however your lecturer may not respond promptly to them. It is recommended that you post your questions to your Moodle unit forum instead.

Internet speed too slow? Try these tips to access lecture recordings with limited internet access (PDF 569KB)


I'm having trouble accessing/playing recorded lectures on my units Moodle page. What can I do?

Still having problems?

Record the unit code and lecture date/time and any error message. Then report the error to Service Desk Online or telephone 9903 2777 (or x32777 from a University landline on campus).


Echo360 Mobile Apps

The Echo360 mobile app permits you to access content and interact with presentations in classes. To download the latest version of the Echo360 app for your platform, click here. Two things you must know:

  1. You will need to create an Echo360 password to use the app. Your Moodle and Echo360 email address are (and must be) the same.
  • Enter Echo360 as you normally do, through Moodle.
  • Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen (it looks like a gear).
  • Select Account Settings.
    Be sure to make note of your email address; this is the email address you will enter into the app when logging in.
  1. You will need to access Learning Capture from EACH of you Moodle unit to identify you as a student in each unit at least once through a browser.

To download recording via Mobile App

  1. Log into Echo360 App using your Monash email address and the Echo360 password you’ve created in above step.
  2. Select the course you want to access.
  3. Scroll through the class list to find the recording/s you’d like to download.
  4. Click on the … button on the top right corner and click download.
  5. If the recording has a dual-video feed, select whether to download video one or video two.

When finished, the class list will note for you that you have downloaded the video and can view it offline.

Only the Echo360 Mobile App can be used to view downloaded videos.

Watching recorded sessions in Panopto

Access Panopto videos for your course via the Panopto block in your Moodle unit.

For detailed user guides, please visit Panopto's user guide. To get started, refer to the quick guide below.

panopto screenshot

Menu items

Menu item Description
Contents Displays chapters or sections within your session.
Caption Displays captions when available.
Notes Notes are synchronise to what you’re watching when you type them. This is useful as a student note-taking tool. You can mark them public or private. Type and hit Enter.
Bookmarks Add a bookmark to a specific time in your session that you wish to return to help you remember important moment. Type and hit Enter.
Discussion Ask a question or share a comment. Your post will be seen by everyone.
Download button Download icon. Click the icon to download as a Podcast.
settings button Settings icon. Click the icon to adjust sharing options, view quiz results, merge, copy & delete sessions.*
sharing button Share icon. Click the icon to adjust your sharing options for your sessions or folders.*
Edit button Edit icon. Click the icon to launch the Panopto Editor, where you can snip/edit sections, add quizzes, adjust captions, edit slides and much more.*

* These icons will appear next to the download button, depending on your level of access.


Play bar options

screenshot of panopto play bar

From left to right: play/pause, rewind/forward, play bar, captions (if available), play speed, video quality, switch display source (if available), minimise/maximise slide viewer.