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Medicine: Journal articles and databases

Guide to information resources and services for Medicine, including basic and clinical sciences.

Key medical databases

Database operators such as truncation, boolean and proximity operators

Finding journal articles

Journals may also be referred to as serials or periodicals. These terms also include newspapers and magazines.

Academic journals report the ongoing research and debate in an academic discipline.
To understand more about what is included within the different sections of an academic journal article, see this interactive tutorial Anatomy of a Scholarly Article created by NCSU Libraries.

Library databases allow you to simultaneously search large collections of journals to find articles relevant to a particular topic. For individual journals available online or print check Search or the e journals list.

Peer-reviewed journals contain articles that have been reviewed by experts in the field before being published.  Learn more about peer review:

To check if a specific journal is peer-reviewed (refereed), see

Affiliated hospital libraries

Ask your hospital library staff about local access to journals and databases.

Students undertaking Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) may use Monash University Library’s Document Delivery service to request books or journal articles that are not available in the Monash library collection.

Key general medical journals

Is my journal article academic?

Click the image to view the video.

Journal alerts and saved searches

By setting up an email Alert for key journals you will receive an email that contains a list of all the articles in each new issue of that publication.

The easiest way to set up an Alert is to find the journal title in Search (limit to Journals), then look for an “Alert” option on the journal home page.  Alternatively, use databases such as Current Contents.

For some information on saved searches and alerts see the document below: