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Moodle: Viewing feedback and grades

Viewing your grades

The assessment marks or grades for all your activities in Moodle (e.g. quizzes and assignments) can be found in each activity page. Alternatively, you can view the grades for all the units you are taking from the Dashboard, by clicking the User menu then Grades.

Feedback can also be found from these pages, depending on how your lecturer has set up the assignment.  Also, if your lecturer chooses to, he or she can also send an email notification to let you know that they have already marked your submission.

Viewing your grade and feedback for a specific activity

Each activity is linked to the Grades page and will show your mark as soon as your lecturer has made them.

To view your grade and feedback for a specific activity, in your unit homepage, click on the link to the activity (e.g.  quizzes). Your grade will be displayed on the page, similar to the example of a quiz page showing the marks below:


Viewing all your grades and feedback in one place

You can view all your grades for a unit at once in the unit's Grades page.

To view all your grades, click Grades in your Navigation block.


The Grades page will give you various options to view your grades. You can also click through to specific activities to see the details of each grade, including feedback.