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Music Performance

Resources for Performance units ATS1044, ATS1045, ATS2122, ATS2123, ATS3136 and ATS3137

Popular Voice

Welcome to the Popular Voice Performance section!  This page provides selected resources for students of Popular Voice.

Popular Voice Sources

Learning from books on technique can be part of study plans, learning journals, reflective practice and writing.

Chris McNulty offers videos on her VCM website:


Streamed Video

Online Resources

Online Resources at Monash University Library 
Bloomsbury Music and Sound
Bloomsbury popular music module provides scholarly coverage of modern popular music worldwide, covering the mid-20th century to the present day, through the Bloomsbury Enyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, an expanding range of scholarly books and the 33 1/3 and Global 33 1/3 series

Go to E-Journals to find articles which you may be able to use in your reflective writing
Voice and Speech Review contains a number of ejournal articles on the Estill Voice Method and by authors such as Ingo Titze.
For example:
'Vocal Traditions: Estill Voice Training' by Kimberly Steinhauer and Mary Mcdonald Klimek, 2019.
'The Rational and and History of Vocology' by Ingo Titze, 2019.

​Streamed video is available on Informit EduTV
For example: 
The Story of Popular Music
We have access to episodes 4-16-of this series directed by Tony Palmer. Each episode charts the history of American popular music using a different genre of music, from ragtime, rhythm 'n' blues, musical theatre, folk, swing, country and western, rock'n'roll and beyond. The series features rare interviews with the most significant musicians of the 20th century.
In the Frame
Episodes feature Lou Bennett, Gail Mabo, Shellie MorrisCasey Donovan, Last Kinection, Busby Marou, and Street Warriors.

Here is a link to an interesting thesis from the  University's Research Repository. It follows a Practice-Led Research approach:

Voice and Speech Review contains a number of ejournal articles on the Estill Voice Method and by authors such as Ingo Titze.
For example:
Vocal Traditions: Estill Voice Training by Kimberly Steinhauer and Mary Mcdonald Klimek, 2019.
The Rational and and History of Vocology by Ingo Titze, 2019.

Practice-Led-Research and Research-Led-Practice

Many recent theses are examples of practice-led-research.
An excellent Monash doctoral thesis completed in 2015 by Lisa Young is:
The Eternal Pulse: Creating with Konnakkol and its Adaptation into Contemporary Vocal Performance