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Non-Adversarial Justice: Alternative dispute resolution

Resources for alternative dispute resolution, restorative justice, therapeutic jurisprudence and commercial arbitration.


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ADR-related cases

'Virtually all court systems in Australia, at Commonwealth, State and Territory levels, provide for the use of ADR.' 

(NADRAC, Legislating for Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2006, p.1)

'The types of disputes that are most likely to be governed by ADR provisions are those occurring within commercial contexts, workplace relations, international disputes, native title and family law.'

(NADRAC, Legislating for Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2006, p.7)


Watch these videos

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Video Education Australasia, 2008
1 streaming video file (28 min.)

Mediator Academiy - Learn from experienced mediators in interviews

Dispute resolution : the scholarship dispute (La Trobe Uni) - showcases the facilitative mediation process, with applications that can be applied globally.


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