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Setting journal alerts

It's often possible to set up automatic alerts for academic journals you like to keep up to date with, so you are notified via email when new research articles are published. The way this is set-up can vary, depending on the journal's publisher, but you will typically need to set up a personal account with the publisher.

If you have any questions about setting up journal alerts for academic journals relating to chemistry, you can email your library team at

Popular magazines

Browsing popular magazines in your research field can be a great way to keep up to date with new developments, and introduce yourself to new concepts and topics you may not be familiar with. Below are some key popular/magazine titles published by RACI, RSC, and ACS. 

Note: These magazines are not peer-reviewed journals, and cannot be used as a scholarly/academic source in your research.


Chemistry on Twitter

Twitter can be a useful way to hear what's happening on the ground in the world of chemistry - for example, many researchers often tweet directly from conferences they're attending. Below is a live feed of tweets and retweets by official organisations for chemistry research, but you can also follow your favourite researchers, as well as your peers!