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Turnitin: How do I increase originality?

Quick Notes

  1. If your similarity index is high and you want to reduce it, check that: (a) Quotation marks (“...”) are used around every quote and the source is cited, (b) you are not over-using quotations, and (c) your own words are not too similar to the original text.
  2. Some Turnitin settings create a high similarity index that you can’t fix, for example when Turnitin matches quotations, bibliographies, and strings of commonly used text (5-8 words long).
  3. It is possible to receive a legitimate result of 0% similarity on your Originality Report if Turnitin is set to ignore those elements described in (2).
  4. Contact your lecturer if you can’t access your Turnitin report, or if you’ve submitted the wrong document.

Increasing originality

An Originality Report might show a high similarity index for a number of reasons (see “What does this report mean?”). Depending on the reason, you may or may not be able to ‘fix’ the problem. Click the description (below) that best describes your situation to learn how to solve your problem.

Why do my quotations show as text matches even though I cited them?

I think I have over-used quotations

My quotations show as text matches even though I have cited them correctly

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I have lots of very small matches (5-8 words) adding up to a high similarity index

I have lots of matches to entries in the reference list

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I think I might have plagiarised and I need help.