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Finding relevant newspaper articles

Newspaper articles can be a good source of information on recent events such as natural disasters, their impact on the local populations, public reactions and perceptions, announcements for recovery projects and investigations. BUT beware of placing to much emphasis on newspaper information.

Newsbank Newspapers: Australia and the world



Browsing the shelves

Books on similar subjects are shelved at the same numbers at the Matheson and Hargrave-Andrew libraries at Clayton.

363.34 Natural disasters

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About this guide

ATS1310: Extreme earth! Natural Hazards and Human Vulnerability.

The information contained in this guide is designed to get you started.

Explore the resources this guide and elsewhere on the library website.

Use the readings you already have and their bibliographies, to provide clues for the sorts of further materials you should look at.

Searching the library collections

Go to Search and enter keywords:

For example :

  • natural hazards
  • flood, earthquake, bushfire i.e. specific types of disasters or hazards
  • specific major events eg. "Indian Ocean Tsunami"

You can also add a second phrase make your search more specific. (Try enclosing phrases in "quotation marks").

  • "emergency management"
  • "natural disasters" and recovery
  • "natural hazards" and vulnerability
  • "natural disaster" and "economic aspects"


Explore different ways of referring to the same type of events eg. bushfires, wildfires, forest fires.

Use ? to truncate, eg. flood? will find flood, floods, flooding, flooded.

Use the links on the left to narrow your search to specific types of items eg. books or journal articles or even DVDs

Books may be located in with the Matheson Library or the Hargrave-Andrew Library. Note down the entire call number as well as the location.

If you get stuck try

Documentary videos

For example

Government and other reports

Selected sites.

Most governments will host an official disaster website in the event of natural disasters. Google is possibly the easiest way to locate these quickly.

Selected databases

Databases are used to search the contents of journals, books, reports and conference proceedings. The databases link easily to full text articles in journals with a Monash Library subscription. NOTE: the library does not necessaily have a subscription to every journal reference you may find.

Some useful databases for this unit:

Journals for ATS1310

Journals contain more up-to-date and subject specific information than books. Some of the following Journals are available online as well as in paper. Journals listed in your unit guide are included in the list below.

The following journals are available online and may also be available in paper (hardcopy). If the articles you need are not available online, you may want to check whether there is hardcopy available. Click on the Get it tab in Search to check availability and location. 

Use this Search to find journals not listed

Select Advanced Search. Follow the example below, selecting the search options as shown.