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Geography: Databases and journals

A guide to resources for the study of geography and environmental sciences


Monash University Library offers students and researchers access to thousands of huge databases of academic literature and research information. 

Along with books, the academic journal articles you find in these databases are the best and most reliable resources to reference in your assessments.

Click the tabs above to see some of the best databases to use for assignments and study in geography. 


Below is a list of key databases with a specific focus on topics in both Human and Physical Geography. Read their descriptions to get an idea of content coverage and relevancy to your research.

To find scholarly information on corporate sustainability and economics from a human geography perspective try these business databases: 


Multidisciplinary databases are those that cover a wide range of academic subject areas. They are a great place to search if you have a topic with a broad focus.


Monash University Library has tens of thousands of journals available online and in print.

Journals publish the best articles from top researchers, and recent volumes from major journals are the most up-to-date academic information in your field.

Click the tabs above to see some of the best journals publishing new research in geography.