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Sociology: Books and eBooks

A subject guide to Monash University Library's resources for students and researchers of Sociology

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Finding sociology books in the library

The library catalogue 'Search' lets you search for books, and research materials that are available in the Monash University Libraries.

Once you have successfully located an item in the catalogue, there are a number of ways to access it.

Image showing the online access icon used to indicate an item can be accessed online in the library cataloguemeans an electronic version of this item is available for viewing in your web browser

Image showing the available at  icon used to indicate it is a physical item that can be found in the library.  means a physical version of the item can be located at one of the Monash Libraries. You will need the Library location and call number to find the book on the shelves. 

Some useful call numbers for finding Sociology books on the shelves are:

302 Social Interaction




Social Interaction within groups

Relation of the individual to society

303 Social Processes
303.4 Social change
304 Factors affecting social behavior



Human ecology


305 Social Groups




Men & Women


Racial, ethnic, national groups

306 Culture and Institutions
306.8 Marriage and family
307 Communities
307.3 Community Structures