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Copyright Free and Creative Commons Images: Home

Links relating to 'open' content or flexible licensed images. Referred to as Copyright Free & CC Images.

What are copyright free and creative commons images?

Images found online are protected by copyright. Many of the images are posted without permission from the copyright owners. By using this guide, you can select from websites with clear terms and conditions allowing reuse. NOTE: Any person can take someone else's image and put a creative commons licence on it. Use your common sense as to whether it is likely that commercial and valuable images will be available for free.

Featured images: CSIRO Science Image collection

Available from: CSIRO Science Image (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license)

Citing images

Monash Images

Monash Image Library has over 5000 images free to use for Monash related purposes. These are useful for generic images of students, staff and buildings at Monash.

Searching for creative commons images in Google

You can limit a Google image search to Creative Commons images only by selecting "Tools" then "Usage Rights" and chosing one of four options 'Labeled for reuse', 'Labeled for reuse with modification', 'Labeled for non-commercial reuse' and 'Labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification.'  'Non-commercial reuse' would apply to classes at Monash and 'with modification' if you plan on altering the image.

Searching images by colour or by creative commons

Questions or Comments?

If you have any queries about these resources please contact the Copyright Office.