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EndNote 20: Find full text

Guide published on 10th February 2022

Find full text

Find Full text

EndNote provides two functions that can help you obtain full text PDFs for references in your library:

  1. The OpenURL Link function
  2. The Find Full Text function

Using the OpenURL Link function is the most reliable. When you use this function, EndNote opens a browser window and displays a Monash University Library page with a link to download the full text PDF for your reference (if it is available).

The Find Full Text function is less reliable, but will still work in some cases. An advantage is being able to select multiple references. This function will attempt to retrieve a full text PDF from Monash University Library or an alternative Open Access source. If a PDF is found, it will automatically attach to the reference in your EndNote library.

Note: Our new authentication system, Open Athens, is not currently compatible with EndNote. Other options for adding full text to your EndNote records are covered under Importing and Managing PDF Files, EndNote Click


These instructions will allow you to use both the Find Full Text and OpenURL Link functions in EndNote.

1.  Open EndNote.

2.  From the menu select Edit > Preferences

3.  On the left-hand side, select Find Full Text

4.  Tick all 4 boxes at the top of the window

5.  In the OpenURL Path box, enter:

6. Leave the Authenticate with box empty – do not enter a URL

7. In the list of preferences on the left-hand side select URLs & Links

8. In the ISI Base URL box add at the front of the default URL so it becomes:

9. In the OpenURL Arguments box, replace ?sid=ISI:WoS with sid=ISI:endnote and keep the rest of the string


10. Click OK.

  1. Ensure you have already followed the directions in the Configuration instructions tab.
  2. Open an EndNote library, and highlight a reference
  3. From the menu, select References > URL  > OpenURL Link  
  4. This will launch a browser window with the Monash University Library Search tool showing the details for the resource. Click on the database link of your choosing to be taken to a database where you can download the PDF
  5. Manually download the PDF
  6. Attach the downloaded PDF to your reference by clicking on the Reference in your EndNote library and going to References > File Attachments > Attach file.

This method will retrieve full text PDFs for some, but not all, of your references. In some cases, only a URL will be retrieved, and in some cases nothing at all. The results will be improved if DOI or ISSN details are available in the reference. 

  1. Ensure you have already followed the configuration instructions
  2. Open EndNote, select a library (.enl) and highlight a single reference or multiple references.
  3. From the menu, select References > Find Full Text > Find Full Text
  4. In the left-hand sidebar, you will see progress underneath the Find Full Text heading
  5. If successful, the downloaded PDF will automatically be attached to your reference in EndNote, and you will see a small paperclip icon appear next to the reference in the main window.

Usage Warning

Important notice

The configurations on this page may allow the EndNote to locate and download electronic resources that Monash University Library has subscribed to. However you should be aware of the following limitations and restrictions when using this feature:

When using full text content, you as a Monash University Library user are bound by licencing agreements and copyright. Therefore you should refrain from systematically downloading large quantities of full text content using this feature. Any breach of this agreement may result in the suspension of your account.