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Teaching materials collection: Online Resources

Online resources

Story Box Library

StoryBox Library is an evergrowing collection of Australian picture story books read by Australian authors, actors and storytellers.  You can explore by theme, age group and even length of story! You can watch and listen to master storytellers to learn the art of telling a story well.
In addition to the stories, it has teaching support materials for both exploring a theme and writing your own stories in "Story tools".

It's a subscription based service and is becoming popular in schools.

storybox library


Explore and get inspired by over 1700 award-winning short films covering science, maths and geography. It's for students aged 11 - 16, and can be filtered to local curricula. The site also includes Twig Experiments, which has over 300 short films covering 81 key experiments.

Twig - Secondary curriculum and multimedia database

Tigtag Junior

Use Tigtag Junior to get inspiration, ideas and content for teaching science to children from kindergarten to Grade 2. It includes short introductory videos and lesson ideas to create engaging science lessons. 

TigTag JR


Designed for use with Grade 3 to 6, TigTag is a collection of films, lesson plans, activities and quizzes to introduce and explore science concepts.