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Women's & Gender Studies: Searching effectively

Search terms for Transgender research

Terminology used to describe transgender individuals continually evolves over time. Below are a list of resources containing useful search terms that may aid you in discovering relevant information for your studies. 

Searching by call number

Some useful Call Numbers for topics in Women's Studies & Gender Research are:

305.3         People by gender or sex (role/identity)
305.4         Women
305.42       Women's movements and feminism
306.3615   Sexual division of labour
306.7         Sexuality
306.762     Asexuality
306.764     Heterosexuality
306.765     Bisexuality
306.766     Homosexuality
306.7662   Male homosexuality (gay men)
306.7663   Lesbianism
306.768     Transgenderism and Transsexualism
306.7685    Intersexuality
323.34       Women - Civil and political rights
364.1532   Sexual assault
364.082     Gender and crime