eBooks: eBooks on mobile devices

A guide to accessing and using ebooks available at Monash University


eBooks can be downloaded onto your iOS and Android mobile devices to view and read at your convenience or while you are on the go. 

You will require specific software/requirements in order to download both aggregator and publisher ebooks onto your mobile devices.  Downloading on aggregator platforms may be more complicated than publisher ebook platforms hence we offer downloading instructions for EBL, Ebrary & Ebsco.

Downloading aggregator ebooks to mobile devices

For step by step instructions on how to download aggregator ebooks to your mobile devices, please refer to the links below:

Downloading in EBL

Downloading in Ebrary

Downloading in Ebsco

Software requirements for downloading/printing ebooks

  • Bluefire Reader
    An App that allows you to view and read your downloaded eBook. Click here to download the App for free.
    Features include highlighting and text annotation (access to your annotations is available only for the duration of your ebook loan). For instructions on how to use, read, annotate etc. your ebook in Bluefire, refer to the Bluefire Reader User Guide.

  • Adobe ID
    Sign up for a free Adobe account to download eBooks onto your device. You will be required to enter and save this ID (login and password) into Blue Fire Reader in order for your download to work.Click here to create an Adobe ID.

  • If downloading an eBook from Ebrary or Ebsco, you will need to create a free account with these eBook aggregators. To create an account for Ebrary click here. To create an account for Ebsco click here.