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eBooks: Contacts and FAQs

A guide to accessing and using ebooks available at Monash University

Unable to access eBook content via Monash University Library?

If you are having trouble/receiving an error when trying to access/download/print eBook content provided via Monash University Library, please take a screenshot, and contact one of the following:

Remember to take a screenshot if you are sending an email or logging an online request regarding eBooks.

Reading online

You may be able to get all you need from an eBook just by reading it in your browser - you may not need to download it at all!

When you finish reading, close your browser to ensure the eBook becomes available to other users.

If you are using a Monash computer, you will only be able to read eBooks in your browser - you will not be able to download them.

Downloading/Borrowing/Reading eBooks offline

There are many different publishers of eBooks, and many different ways of downloading eBooks. Some publishers allow users to download an entire eBook for a specific period of time, while others only allow you to download a chapter at a time. Please follow the directions the publishers have given when downloading an eBook, or refer to Downloading Content From Specific Platforms.

To download an eBook to your computer in either PDF or ePub format, you will need Adobe Digital Editions. You can download an eBook on your personal device installing Bluefire Reader or Aldiko Book Reader, but you will need Adobe Digital Editions installed too.

Remember: You cannot download eBooks onto Monash-owned student PCs (e.g. PCs in the Library).


Printing from eBooks is possible. However, there are many different eBook publishers, and each have different rules regarding how much of an eBook can be printed. Please follow the directions the publishers have given, or refer to the table below:

eBook Provider Printing Amount
EBL 20% of the book's total pages
EBSCOhost Up to 60 pages from the book
eBrary TBC
Springer, and other eBook providers    Typically have no printing restrictions in place


Be aware that Copyright exists for eBooks, as it does for print books. If there is no limit specified, the item is subjected to fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act (10% of the total eBook content, or one chapter (whichever is greater)).

eBook provider help and troubleshooting

Each eBook provider has a dedicated help and support page for their product.

eBook Provider Support Page
EBL EBL support
EBSCOhost EbscoHost eBooks support
eBrary eBrary support
Springer, and other eBook providers    See provider's website for details