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Law reports and cases

Take a look at the Federal court system

The authorised report series for the US Supreme Court is the United States Reports (US)

The authorised report series for the US Court of Appeals is the Federal Reporter (F, F 2nd, F 3rd).

Most U.S. law reports and cases can be found on Westlaw. The US Reports are also on Hein Online.

Legal Opinions via Google Scholar (also provides citing information)

Early American Case Law (Hein Online) - Contains the entire Federal Cases 30 book series (1894-1897) which contains more than 20,000 cases. Also included is the Trinity Series, which includes American Decisions, American Reports, and American State Reports. 

State Reports: an Historical Archive (Hein Online) provides a digital version of Hein’s State Reports Checklist along with linking to the full text of historical state reports. 

Use's visual representation tool to map and understand the relationships between cases.



  • Belize Legislation Index, current issue only - Level 4
  • Bermuda Legislation Index, 1998 - Level 4
  • Canal Zone code, 1934 - Level 4
  • Federal tax regulations, 1964-1995 - Level 4
  • Internal revenue Acts, 1954 to present - Level 4
  • Internal revenue cumulative bulletin, 1909 to present - Level 4
  • Legislation index. Trinidad and Tobago, current issue only - Level 4
  • Legislation index. Turks and Caicos Islands, 2001 - Level 4
  • McKinney's consolidated laws of New York. Annotated, updated to 1995 - Level 4
  • Revised Laws of Bermuda, 1972 - Level 4
  • Statutes at large, 1789-1981 - Level 4
  • Uniform laws annotated, v.1-15A no longer updated - Level 4
  • United States code annotated, 2011 no longer updated - Level 4
  • United States code congressional and administrative news, 1964 to present - Level 4
  • West's annotated California codes, updated to 1995 - Level 4


The United States Code (USC) and Public Laws are freely available online via:

and via Hein Online.


State codes are available via Cornell Law School's, LII.

Annotated versions are available on Westlaw (USCA) and Lexis (USCS).

Historical versions are on Hein Online State Statutes: A  Historical Archive


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