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Legislation: Australian Capital Territory


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  • Australian Capital Territory Government Acts, Ordinances and Regulations (1911-2016)
  • Australian Capital Territory Government Reprinted Acts - no longer updated
  • Australian Capital Territory Reprinted Regulations - no longer updated

Australian Capital Territory

Before the Self-Government Act created a democratically elected Legislative Assembly, laws were sometimes made for the ACT by the Commonwealth Parliament but more often were made by the Governor-General exercising powers delegated to the Governor-General under the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910 (Cth), s 12. The laws made by the Governor-General were known as ordinances and corresponded in subject matter and effect to the Acts now made by the Legislative Assembly. At the time of self-government, the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910 (Cth) was amended to narrow the scope of s 12. After self-government ordinances may only be made on a fairly narrow range of topics (sourced from ACT Legislation Register)