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Linguistics: Books

This guide will introduce you to the systematic study of language in general

Finding books in the library

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Call numbers

Call numbers


The Monash libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme to organise books and journals. The most efficient way to locate material in the library is to use Monash University Library Search, however the following may be useful as a guide when browsing the shelves.

Call Number 
Sociolinguistics 306.4
Language arts - Primary education 372.6
Bilingualism (specific countries 420-490) 400
Philosophy/ Theory of language (semantics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, semiotics)  401
Linguistics (specific languages 420-490) 410
Morphology, syntax and phonology 415
Dialectology and historical linguistics 417
Applied linguistics including translation 418
Standard English usage and teaching 428
German (440 - French etc.) 430
Australian languages 499
Atlas of the Australian people (census data) 304.6