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A wide range of material is published in a microform format, either in rolls known as microfilms or a fiche format known as microfiche. A microform is a microphotographic reproduction on film or paper of a manuscript, printed text, document etc.

About research microforms

Microforms, also known as microfiche and microfilm, are pieces of film containing micro-reproductions of theses, journals, and other significant documents. The Library’s microform collection includes significant documents, papers, newspapers, periodicals, official records, and more.

Using this guide

Our guide is designed to help you:

  • Access the alphabetical listing of microform resources held by the Library

  • Search the microform collection using Library Search

Get help 

Get help from a librarian when you need support beyond what you can find in this guide. Bookings are available for students, educators, and researchers.

Other useful resources

  •  A guide to microform research collections in the Main Library, Monash University: Digital copy | Print copy