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A wide range of material is published in a microform format, either in rolls known as microfilms or a fiche format known as microfiche. A microform is a microphotographic reproduction on film or paper of a manuscript, printed text, document etc.

Research Microforms

What are microforms?

Where can I find microforms?

The location of microfilms will be noted in Search. Please see staff at the relevant library for assistance.

Can I make copies?

All microfilm readers/machines have printing capabilities; some machines also allow you to make PDF.


Welcome to the Monash University's Research Microform Collection.

This guide contains an alphabetical listing of a selection of research material in microform format held by Monash University Library. These include collections of significant documents, papers and official records.

Additional collections can be found in Search.

Some additional information about titles prior to 1984 can be found in the following publication

Microform: a guide to Microform Research collections in the Main Library, Monash University

Monash University theses on microfilm

For information about Monash University masters and doctoral theses available on microfiche refer to the Thesis library guide

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