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Multimedia resources: Creating clips

Finding and using Multimedia for teaching and learning


You may wish to use a small segment of a full length streamed video recording for teaching or learning purposes. 

Some databases allow you to create clips from full length videos that supply you with a link that you can include or embed into external locations such as Moodle, reading lists, webpages or email. 

Alexander Street Press - Videos


Art and architecture in video
Counseling and therapy in video
Dance in video
Ethnographic video online
Nursing education in video
Opera in video
Theatre in video
Video journal of counseling and therapy

Arts Films Digital


  • Select video you wish to create a clip from.
  • Click on  tab.
  • Use Share if you require a URL link to a video for inclusion on a page.
  • Use Embed if you wish to place a video directly onto a page.
  • Carefully type in the start time of your clip.      *Tip: make sure you enter the time using their spacing & formatting.
  • Enter end time of your clip.
  • Copy either the URL share link or the embed code and paste into Moodle, reading list, webpages or email.