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Multimedia resources: Linking to Multimedia

Finding and using Multimedia for teaching and learning


This page explains how to create stable links to library resources. Links that can be used in Moodle, reading lists, web pages or email.

Linking to Search records

Create a stable link (Permalink) to an item in Search:

  1. Click on the item's ellipse menu
    Item record in search with ellipse menu circled
  2. Click on the Permalink icon and Click the "Copy the Permalink to clipboard" button
    Item record with Permalink button active and option to copy the Permalink to clipboard displayed under the generated link

Linking or embedding database videos

Library subscribed video databases often have an option to create a stable link to be used for re-directing to online multimedia content. Generally in most video databases and webpages you need to look for the Share or Embed option, which can generate a stable link for use in linking to or embedding videos onto another page. 

  • Alexander Street video locate video required, look forto generate a stable link. 
  • Kanopy locate video required, look for  to generate a stable embed link.

For websites that use YouTube as their delivery platform, locate video required, click on Share tab to generate a stable link to share or embed.

Click the Share link under the YouTube video to view the videos URL

Embedding streamed video into Moodle

Use the edit HTML Source to embed streamed video content directly onto a Moodle page.  

  1. Copy the videos embed code
  2. In Moodle:
    • Open the page editor
    • Click the Toggle toolbar button
    • Click the Edit HTML source button
    • Paste in the videos embed code

Edit HTML source in Moodle

Embedding video or audio files into Moodle

This process is useful if you wish to embed audio or video you have saved as a file into Moodle.

  1. Download the video file to your computer
  2. In Moodle:
    • Open the page editor
    • Click the Insert Moodle media button
    • Click the "Find or upload a sound, video or applet..." button
      and browse to the video file on your computer then
    • Click the Insert button

Insert Moodle Media button