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This guide offers the research community a place to view:

Additionally, this guide is useful for Library professionals to understand essential elements of text and data mining (TDM) and their role in this space.

Monash University Library leads and sustains the effective development, discovery of, and access to a vast range of scholarly content, and enables the innovative use of information, data, and ideas in the interests of a thriving academic environment. Various platform enhancements and ways to acquire data sets, as well as tools (such as APIs, R, Python, Tableau, etc), offer researchers new ways to explore, extract, interrogate, manipulate, and visualise data in meaningful way to effectively communicate their research and ideas.

Connecting scholars

Cyber-cultural Similarity from Google Search

This image is from SoDa Labs, an empirical research laboratory associated with Monash University's Department of Economics and Department of Econometrics. They apply new tools from data science, machine learning, and beyond to answer social science questions. Read more about their projects.