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Text and data mining: Issues to consider

Issues to consider

The licensed Library resources that allow text and data mining (TDM) have specific restrictions on TDM. Every resource is different; however, in all cases TDM rights are granted purely for non-commercial research purposes. If you have any questions about TDM, who owns data, or how you can use data from library resources (including reuse), please contact the Collection Development & Analysis Team. If you already have a TDM project in mind, please complete the request form. If you agree to terms and conditions to access data, your use will be governed by those terms. Remember to keep a copy of your access rights and any permissions you obtain.


Whether you are creating data, collecting data, or using existing datasets, most data will be protected by copyright and/or licensing rights. Publicly available online data are still protected by copyright and may require permission to harvest and republish. You will need to consider what limits data owners place on your use of their material and what restrictions govern your collection of data. For example, survey subjects own copyright in their answers while a researcher owns copyright in the questions.

If you create your own dataset, you will have to decide whether you want to publish it with an open licence or restrict access. If you intend to allow your dataset to be reused by others it is recommended that a Creative Commons Attribution license be applied. See using creative commons and copyright and data for more information. In Australia, fair dealing exceptions to copyright may apply to background research, but are less likely to apply to publication. Please contact the Copyright Advisor with any questions.