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Translation and Interpreting Studies: Databases

Key databases from Monash University Library

Non-English databases from Monash University Library

Other databases

English databases outside Monash

Non-English databases

For databases that include translation or interpreting studies articles in specific subject/language areas.

  • Library Guides - Select the Library Guide for your subject area and look for databases tab.

Database searching - with a sample topic

Sample Topic: What impact has the internet had on freelance translators?

What are the key concepts of the topic?
(1) internet (2) freelance translators (3) impact

Are there alternative terms which may also describe the topic?
(1) world wide web, online, electronic (2) language contractors, interpreters (3) effect

Construct the search into a logical structure to ensure you retrieve relevant results. For example:

(internet OR world wide web OR online OR electronic) 

AND (translators OR interpreters OR language contractors)  

AND (impact OR effect)

All synonyms joined by "OR"; all concepts joined by "AND"

Other tips:

  • Consider American spelling, 
  • Singular/Plurals : translator
  • Wildcard and truncation symbols in Databases which save typing in all variations of words, for example:
    translat* (for translator; translators; translation; translate)
  • Too many search results?
    Reduce by narrowing the topic; could introduce 'machine translation' as a topic