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Wound care: Articles in databases

What are library databases?

A library database can be thought of as a container listing millions of records of scholarly content. They provide an efficient way to find scholarly journal articles (along with other information types such as theses, newspaper articles and conference papers) on your desired subject.

A database can be either subject specific or multidisciplinary in nature. Some provide full text access, whilst others only provide citation and abstract details. With the latter you can use the 'full text' button which will lead you to the full text if the library has a subscription to the journal in question.

There are many databases that you could potentially make use of whilst studying at Monash. For a full list refer to our Databases A-Z listing.

Below, we have included some of the main databases you are most likely to use in Wound care.

Remember, if you are stuck or need any assistance, contact your friendly resident librarians.

Recommended databases