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Wound care: Academic writing

Academic integrity

When writing, it’s important to be clear when ideas, phrases or words are not your own. We do this through using references (citations and quotation marks, depending on whether or not we’ve paraphrased or quoted the material). This process of “giving credit where credit is due” is called academic integrity. Academic integrity is – simply – the process through which we track our resources within our own work, and demonstrate how our views build upon the views of others.

Monash takes academic integrity seriously, and thus has penalties for students who do not adhere to appropriate researching codes of conduct. Plagiarism is the main form of misconduct, and can result in a failing grade, disciplinary action, or removal from the university.

Given the importance of academic integrity and referencing, we have put together a suite of short modules for more information.

Image of elements of academic integrity

Writing resources

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or are coming back to writing after a break, we have various writing tips on our Research and Learning Online page to help you hone your skills.

The site offers modules on critical thinking and finding and evaluating information, as well as Graduate research specific writing skills.

We also offer one-on-one consultations to students who would like a more personalised experience. You can book an appointment, in person or online, with a Learning Skills Adviser.