Criminology: Databases

A subject guide to Monash University Library's resources for students and researchers of Criminology.



Monash Library has more than 1000 databases for students and staff to use in their assignments, assessments, and research. The best ones for Criminology are on this page.

Most of our databases contain academic journal articles, and these are the ones listed here. For online newspapers and multimedia, along with books, ebooks, DVDs, and ejournal listings, use the tabs above.

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Databases for Criminology at Monash Library


These are the top Monash Library databases for Criminology, organised by subject matter. 

Key Databases for Criminology

These databases have high numbers of criminological results, even though many are multidisciplinary.


Criminology & Criminal Justice Databases

These databases have information mainly relating to criminology and criminal justice.

Social Sciences Databases

These databases have information from across the social sciences.

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases have information from across a wide range of fields, including the social sciences and criminology.

There are plenty more Law and legal databases at the

Law Library Guide


Bibliographic content means that these databases might not have full-text articles, and instead list the titles and sometimes the abstracts of huge collections of books and journals. Looking in a bibliographic index can be a great way to see how much has been written about a topic, and to figure out where to focus your search for material. It can also be a way for researchers to keep up with what's being written and published in their field, and to pursue new lines of questioning in a broad area of study.

For Honours, Postgrads, Doctoral students, and researchers, items that you find in a bibliographic index can be ordered via Document Delivery.



Social Sciences

Law & Legal Content



Along with books and ebooks, the resources you find in Monash University Library's databases are the best and most reliable resources for your assessments.

These are some of the best databases to use for Criminology. 

Key Databases for Criminology   |   Primary Sources, Archives & Multimedia

For more databases from Monash University Library:

Remember: You will need to search in more than one database to find a wide variety of resources to reference - not every database covers the same material. Find multiple articles, books, and other resources to support your statements.

Multidisciplinary databases:

Use these large databases to find articles in Criminology and many other related subject areas. 

Criminology-specific databases:

Use these smaller databases for more specific Criminology searches.


   For Indigenous Criminology resources, see the Indigenous Cultures & Histories Guide.

For a full listing of all database resources in this subject area,
see the Criminology page on the
Databases by Subject Guide.

Primary Sources & Archives:

Our ever-growing collections of original documents and archival material for research.

Multimedia databases:

Video, audio, and other multimedia material may also be useful for your study and research.


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