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Government or Official Publications are the publications, documents and other information resources issued by official governmental bodies.

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Rheny Pulungan

Subject Librarian for Government Publications. 

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Law Library Manager for law related questions.



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Content of this Guide

Finding Online Resources

  Monash Library Databases for Government Publications

Here are some databases that Monash Library has subscribed to: 

   External Databases and Websites Relating to Government Publications

Nearly all Australian  Government publications are now published online and can be found using Google and other web search engines, so this is recommended as the key starting point for finding Government Publications. Try these resources if web search engines have not been helpful and contact the Library  if you are still unable to find a Government document. 

Finding Hardcopy of Australian Government Publications

Many hardcopy historical government publications can be found in the Monash University Library collections.

Often these are not catalogued individually, but many can be found using Library Search.

For more information, please email the librarians from the "Contact Us" section of this guide. 


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