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Government publications: Northern Territory (NT)

Northern Territory

Northern Territory

Acts and Regulations

From 1863-1911, the Northern Territory was part of South Australia, and a number of laws were passed specifically applying to the Territory; some South Australian laws are still in force. From 1911 until self government in 1978, the laws of the Territory were made by Acts of the Federal Parliament or by Ordinances made by the Governor-General. The laws of the Northern Territory are now made by the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, though some powers are still reserved to the Commonwealth Parliament.

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  • Acts, 1961 to 2015 (lacks 2009)
  • Reprinted Acts, no longer updated
  • Regulations, 1911 to 2007, 2010; incomplete
  • Bills, 1990 to 1999

Ordinances, 1911-1960


Current Northern Territory Legislation Database

Northern Territory Legislation History Database

Register of Legislation (including Bills)

Northern Territory Reprinted Ordinances (AustLII)

Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Northern Territory


Northern Territory 1997 to present

Monash University Library Holdings

Debates (Hansard)


Northern Territory. Legislative Council. Legislative Council debates (Hansard). 1968-74