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Government publications: Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory

Before the Self-Government Act created a democratically elected Legislative Assembly, laws were sometimes made for the ACT by the Commonwealth Parliament but more often were made by the Governor-General exercising powers delegated to the Governor-General under the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910 (Cth), s 12. The laws made by the Governor-General were known as ordinances and corresponded in subject matter and effect to the Acts now made by the Legislative Assembly. At the time of self-government, the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910 (Cth) was amended to narrow the scope of s 12. After self-government ordinances may only be made on a fairly narrow range of topics (sourced from ACT Legislation Register)

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Acts and Regulations


  • Acts, Ordinances and Regulations - 1911 to 2016
  • Reprinted Acts, no longer updated
  • Reprinted Regulations, no longer updated


ACT Legislation Register
Official site - the legislation register was established by the Legislation Act 2001. It provides electronic access to new and up-to-date ACT legislation in both authorised and unauthorised formats.

Bills and EMs

Summary of Bills & Bills List (ACT Legislative Assembly)

Parliamentary debates (Hansard)

Australian Capital Territory


Australian Capital Territory Gazette 1989 to present

Key Resources


Government Gazettes are available online from 1989 onwards, via the ACT Legislation Register.

Parliamentary Publications

Use the ACT Legislation Register to find bills and information on bills,  including bills currently before Parliament, presented before Legislative Assembly from 1989, bills passed and awaiting notification and annual listing of bills discharged, negatived, withdrawn or lapsed, from 1989

Parliamentary debates (Hansard) from 1989 are available from ACT Legislative Assembly Hansard. From 1995 onwards, the debates are indexed by subject and members.

ACT Legislation 

The ACT Legislation Register is the authorised source for ACT legislation.

For more information please consult the law library guide on ACT legislation

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